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Who I Am and What I Do

My Journey

I’ve been a Homoeopathic  Medicine Practitioner since 2009, but have been around alternative medicine my whole life.

I am skilled with different types of Homoeopathic case taking and analysis.My core practice being Sensation method I have integrated a lot of old methods especially of Burnett , Kent and Grimmer etc  in my practice I truly believe that reading and making treatment plans according to guidelines of Stalwarts is helpful and every case would need a different approach altogether.

I try to use a lot of meditative and counselling techniques in my consultation and if need be I help patient look through a different outlook of how their body speaks to them and management of their emotional conflicts

I have been following a  lot of Louise Hay , Abraham Hicks , Richard Bandler , Fritz Perl philosophy which helps me train my patient to look at life through a different outlook

I Use a lot of lifestyles changes especially individualistic nutrition needs and life style changes through exercise and change in sleep pattern through naturopathic modes.

Besides healing my other skills sets are administration, writing, public speaking , training and good knowledge of technology and modern software of homoeopathy.

I have worked with free covid clinic at a rural set up where there have been no medical assistance.

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