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Depression And Homeopathy

" I haven't seen the light yet, My journey is painful to get up and walk the earth,I choose to hide in my own dark world where there is no ray of light of hope, In this darkness my days shall end but what if I choose to lit my own little light inside me and let the brightness enter through me, but no one sees me as a light so shall I burn myself or wait for a rescue....

For a person suffering from clinical depression the main fight is not just with the outside world but it is also with the world within the person. When the clinical depression sets in the person has lost their ability to fight with anything or anyone they mostly give up on their ownself and hence you find them sleeping their day off or stopping to communicate with their world.

A mood disorder with feeling of sadness, feeling the lost of interest or pleasure in their day to day activity, lack of joy for more than 6 to 8 months then its term clinically as depression. Often the symptoms of depression are not been considered and ignored which causes the late diagnosis of the illness or sometimes it is over diagnosed.If more than one of these symptoms are there you should meet your expert.

Symptoms of depression can include:

  • Depressed mood reduced interest or pleasure in activities previously enjoyed, loss of sexual desire

  • Unintentional weight loss (without dieting) or Increased weight with excess of food bingeing

  • Low appetite

  • Insomnia (difficulty sleeping) or

  • Hypersomnia (excessive sleeping)

  • Psychomotor agitation, for example, restlessness, pacing up and down

  • Delayed psychomotor skills, for example, slowed movement and speech fatigue or

  • Loss of energy feelings of worthlessness or guilt

  • Impaired ability to think, concentrate, or make decisions

  • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide, or attempt at suicide.

"Oh what have you done to yourself?"

" Just grow up"

"Take a chill pill, go out be the man or woman of strength" etc there are immense noises and none of the patient suffering from the same wants to hear it from you, and let me tell you one cannot understand the other person's journey anytime. So they don't need expert advisory from anyone because those noises actually are killing them. What they need is to be heard, empathised with and not sympathised with. The light which they no more see within them someone has to light it up. Homeopathic medicine are potent substance from the nature that helps in sparkling up the light. But homeopathic treatment is a journey it's not like some drugs that instantly kick you off. This journey is of facing your own demons, and facing the dark side and the light side. Getting aware of that song which you are singing in the background are you feeling victimised , are you too sensitive to every change in your physical and emotional environment or are you weak in your structure that is what a homeopath will study and make sure that you get the remedy from that particular substance.

Homeopathic case taking is where there is a major catharsis of the long stored emotion, the journey is deep within your subconscious and unconscious mind where we study the pattern of your relationship, work or career, we try to understand where are you blocking things in your life, sometimes doing a journey into your childhood, sometimes into your dreams and fantasy, your painting, your interest and hobbies, situation in your life that brought you where you are, the traumas you faced.

We bring your demon face to face and see through your glasses what you are trying to see and when these patterns are understood then we give a remedy and time again evaluate the energies and the next best remedy to be given to help you balance your state physically , mentally and spiritually. Let me illustrate to you with an example:

Mrs.TAS 40yrs old female married with 4 kids was brought to my clinic with multiple aches and pain in every part of the body the shoulders were frozen , the back would ache not one characteristic point the location of pain was very vague and was indicative of fibromyalgia, excess of craving for food majorly sweet food, and fried foods these were also giving her eructation every painful part when pressed she would belch loudly. What was very noticeable about her was she hd completely lost her sense of who she was completely indifferent towards herself and her environment.

Whenever we asked her something she would answer in monosyllable most of the time she was extremely quite. What I observed was her husband was completely dominating over her, Whenever I asked her something he would reply and and she would look at him with lot of hatred. The first consultation I had with her went on for about 2-3 hours where we could hardly get her to talk, most of the time either her husband would reply but not her.

I knew I wanted to know from her , what was it that she is experiencing as a homeopath what her husband would say will have a relevance but what she experienced would be more amazing so at the end of 2hrs of my first consultation I asked her husband to wait out as I wanted to understand some of her personal history regarding her menstrual health and delivery. This was my chance with her alone but my first step was building a rapport with her so I asked her question of her physical health where her main characteristic was since 10 yrs she is having scanty menses which remains for a day to two with some spots. She had aversion to milk , during menses she had pain in her abdomen as if something is coming out of her vagina, she disliked intercourse.

Her pregnancy were very difficult and she had history of abortion in 3 month of her pregnancy. she said during her pregnancy she had immense nausea and vomiting. So first time I only had some observation and some physical symptoms to rely on so accordingly I gave her a remedy from Homeopathic Materia Medica called as Sepia 200.

When she came next for a follow up she was a little better and here she was ready to take on the conversation of which I give you brief highlights so she was Highly qualified and had done Masters in Education and was wanting to not only study more but she wanted to become a famous novelist or had dreams of becoming a change maker for the society. She before her marriage was very good at her job and was highly appreciated and paid well, at age of 27 her parents arranged her marriage to which she happily agreed but after marriage her husband and inlaws did not respect her work and plus there were lot of fights and argument within the family , and then after the abortion she was blamed and threatened by the in laws and her family also thought that she is a female and before she loses time she should have kids and that's when against her will she took a decision to give up on her dreams and then got one twin pregnancy and another immediately next year after the twin kids. While there were a lot of things going in her family front when I asked her to describe her experience she felt like she is suffocated in a cage which is hard from outside and soft inside, in this she is safe and has all that is needed but it sometimes suffocates her she want to go out and feel the rush of the external world. It might be threatening outside and she sits here but this is also taking away all the energy. She felt disgusted about being in a woman body , she had developed a lot of aversion to her husband she hate his touch. Her dreams were threatening . In all her dreams experiences she felt all alone in the world and that no one is there for her rescue. I did some meditative therapy with her where she spoke a lot about how she has been taking things against her will and eventually developed indifference to everyone. I repeated my doses and gave her medicine for a month. Within 3 months of the treatment she started to go out and communicate with the people, relatives , her relationship with her husband improved too .In subsequent follow up we worked on her so that she could ask for a power back and then she started her own work which she did from her home she confronted everyone and took her decision. In a year time her husband opened up a new business for her and appreciated her strength and she improved in her health too. No doubt she has her ups and down but now she hardly needs any medication. She takes care of her health does exercise, proper healthy nutrition and is facing her life challenges with full power and understanding of who she was.

When the parts that you are not accepting within you, the song that is unheard and unaware is brought into awareness the healing begins. Don't hide from your demons by just popping random pills take a hero's journey face it and heal it. And once you do it remember you are worth this healing, fill up your healed parts with loads of love.

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