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Don’t treat me like a foe

Updated: May 24, 2021

Rachel kept calling me frantically for she was scared her daughter had fever and was feeling helpless to see her burn up. As a physician I knew first I need to treat Rachela anxiety before her fever.

so is fever actually that scary or we are told that it is so ?

Fever means raised body temprature and its a part of your immune response when your body comes up to any stress our body will raise our Basal temperature to fight the stress which can be bacteria, virus and also sometime the weather condition.

So, if fever symbolises that our body is fighting for us so do You think now that’s its your foe my dear reader it’s nothing but a friend. So stop suppressing the fever ...



Confused by what I am saying are you thinking I am out of my mind, people are dying and I am saying don’t suppress fever.

The excess use of medicine is what is making our immune system weaker and weaker .



So what do I do when I or my loved one has fever ???

answer is simple let your body fight the infection for sometime. Viral infection don’t need antibiotics most of the times its self limiting it will end on its own abuse of it only plays with your bodies immune mechanis.Bacterial Infection may need the treatment and intervention.

During fever hydrat yourself , isolate yourself and take good rest if we look beyond materialistic or realistic view point fever also is telling that your body needs to stop so just stop trust your body cues and if symptoms are distressing visit your doctor and let the doctor analyse your symptoms and treat it.

Role of Homoeopathy:

Homoeopathic medicine stimulate your immune mechanism so that your body can fight the bacteria or viruses. Homoeopathic Medicine aren’t antibiotics or antiviral. There is a simple principle that homoepathic medicine is prescribed on “law of individual”. “ law of similimum”

so if a homeopathic Medicine is to be prescribed you need to have a good symptoms which you will share with your doctors like I remember a case where a male of 55 yrs old just had a massive fight with his colleagues and came home with fit of suppressed anger and by night had a very high fever, on enquiring beside the fight patient was not interacting and was burning up a remedy based on This was prescribed and the patient immediately after the remedy had an emotional outburst of weeping and venting anger and within 24 hrs the fever subsided without further complications.



So as a patient instead of self medicating help your doctor by giving your details symptoms your history that will help him / her stimulate your immunity and keep you healthy.

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