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Homeopathy for Anxiety

The inner turmoil, moving back and forth, the restless body,a dreaded feeling before some event are signs of Anxiety. The feeling as if something bad is going to happen even before the event is anxiety, it is very unlike fear where the response is to something which is present or immediately right there like fear of dog, cockroach, night the things are real and there you show a reaction only when you see it not otherwise. Whereas Anxiety is perceived threat may be something might happen, it is as if something might happen.

It can be either short term or long term. The person who is suffering from anxiety is continuously living in future and mostly it gets combined with other mental disorders particularly major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, or certain personality disorders.

Simple situation become very overwhelming to the person who suffers with anxiety , most of the times there is a lot of psycho - somatic states that are formed with the anxiety. The symptoms could be cramping in stomach, diarrhea , excessive urination, eructation , flatulence , palpitation, pain in chest , increased or decreased appetite. As we all human body has its capacity to deal with any form of stress and regulate our self environment but with anxiety all these mechanism gets affected. The person is unable to manipulate his/her environment with a background of negative self belief.

Can Homeopathy help in Dealing with Anxiety

While self help practices like breathing exercises, emotional tapping, meditation, Cognitive Behavioural techniques and other form of therapy will help you overcome the symptoms of anxiety. Homeopathy is the safe and effective mode of treatment to not only treat the symptoms but also helps to remove the cause of the disease. As a homeopath I have seen many patients improve on simple homeopathic remedies without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Homeopathy believes in understanding what is the anxiety all about from where is this rooting up, what lies deep within the individual that causes this Anxiety and hence Homeopathy treats the illness from the root cause. A homeopath is the silent facilitator of your journey he/ she allows that what is within you to surface up and bring an awareness in your life.

A well selected homeopathic remedy for that particular individual when given in the correct doses and repetition can cure the condition over a period of time. For the same Homeopath needs to understand a lot of thing about the individual physical symptoms, medical background, Family History, Development History, Childhood history, history of any trauma, any stress, Emotional symptoms,Sensitivity, How person deals with lot of different things in their live, their personality traits, Dietary habits, temperature tolerance etc.The time spent reviewing the patient’s health is the start of the healing process, its their first step in their journey to heal that is what is well known as awareness.

Mr. MOP felt a sensation of being trapped in a bubble and was trying hard to break the bubble and the same bubble was providing support so he was scared to get out, he felt claustrophobic. The emotional development was like a child who was yet in the womb who is dependent for everything in his life especially for love and security. A right remedy helped Mr. MOP to not only reduce his panic attacks but also get rid of anxiety and take his step independently in the world.

Miss PYS was so yielding to everyone because she felt she will lose all the attention, love she gets if she didn't yielded every single word told to her she would drop in to tears. Everytime anyone would tell her something she felt insulted and weak and hence she avoided fight and every time she anticipated the whole event of losing love and her self respect she would develop a headache or suddenly her menses would start or stop. She would avoid all the confrontation and has accepted the fact she is weak. She would have bottle up emotions everytime ready to burst out into tears. She was helped with a similar homeopathic remedy.

Similarly there are so many cases reported that were helped with the sweet pills of homeopathy.

Deep acting Homeopathic remedies are gentle, Safe , non -addictive and without side effect in both the case mentioned above we have seen how homeopathy can be effective for emotional health

In the treasure box of homeopathy there many gems that can help with various types of anxiety for example - meeting new people, before examination or interview, performing on stage, disease , anxiety about death, anxiety for closed ones, anxiety before travelling etc.

Also useful to note, homeopathic medicines can be taken at the same time as standard medication because they act on a deeper level and will not interfere with the effects of whatever medicine you may be taking. In some cases, if you are improving steadily with homeopathic treatment and only with the consent of your medical doctor, you may be able to start reducing the dose of your standard medication.

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