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Homoeopathy - A Holistic Science


As a Homoeopathic Doctor we believe that disease is not just mathematical calculation of some values disturbed in your body but a sense of uneasiness. We believe that it's a man who is sick and not the body , your physical illness or symptoms are nothing but manifestation of your internal disturbances.

A Homoeopathic Doctor will try to understand why a person is sick , what is it that is making him Sick. And next important who is the person who is sick. Most of the time we are unaware of our thoughts and feelings. Homoeopathy tries not only to understand your physical symptoms but also tries to understand you. Hence You can say Homoeopathic medicine are designer medicine thats made just for you.

What Do I mean by designer ?

There might be 11 people who are suffering from one particular illness unlike other mode of treatment we won't be giving the same remedy to everyone, A homoeopath will try his/her best to find out what is the problem, what are you experiencing at that moment, what is causing the problems, Your emotions, How does that affects you on day to day basis. Your food preference , temperature preference etc.

These thing will make us study your case and hence the result is 11 of them may get different remedy depending on their picture of disease.

2 people might suffer from different disease yet might receive the same remedy.

So beauty of Homoeopathy is that we value each and every human being we understand that everyone is special and hence they need their special remedy.

We try to understand YOUR ENERGY PATTERN THAT WE REPEATEDLY SEE AND once we identify it , it helps us get you in tune with inner self helping you be healthy.

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