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Mental Health and Homeopathy

Mental illnesses are broad spectrum disorder that affect every individual from a child, teenage to an adult. Latest WHO records suggest that there are 7.5% of Indian Population that are suffering from Mental disorders. In Mumbai around 56 million Indians -- or 4.5% of India's population suffer from depression another 38 million suffer from anxiety disorders. According to a report published by National Institute for Mental Health released a statistic saying 1 in every 20 person suffers from Mental illness. The world wide, the prevalence of depression increased by 18%since 2005, there are around 322 million people have depressed.

One of the major reason for the increase has been mental illness comes with taboo, the early signs of the stress are often left uncared and un observe mainly because we feel ashamed,fear of rejection, misunderstandings grips the person. The endless wait for the knight in shining armour never comes to an end , the fantasy world begins to crumble and they come to a point that they begin to believe that their dreams are not valid, they don't deserve their happy ending and they put themselves in a cage of range of disorder.

Right from simple therapies, to pharmaceutical drugs given by psychiatrist there is a wide-range of healing modalities today available.

Homeopathy discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann a German allopath who formulated the principle "Like Cures Like" can truly be called father of modern psychiatry if you read his

works you will understand how he sowed the seeds beginning his works from the book "The Friends of Health". He was dissatisfied with the medical practice the techniques used then had more harmful effects than the good. He mentions in the article to show kindness to them instead of chaining them and beating them he says "I never allow any insane person to be punished by blows or other painful or cruel inflictions. Since there can be no punishment where there is no sense of responsibility and since such patients only deserve our pity, and cannot be improved but must be rendered worse by such rough treatment. The physician of such unfortunate creature ought to behave so, as to inspire them with respect".

His only calling was to help people cure their disease with most gentle and simple form of treatment. He believed that simple substance that occured in nature were potent enough to create changes in emotional and mental state of the healthy person.

Hence when you visit a homeopathic doctor he will pay attention to the details to your verbal and non verbal communication, every reaction, likes and dislikes. A homeopathic doctor may not be your knight in shining armour but definitely the little pills of homeopathic medicine can help you understand yourself better and heal you from within so that over period of time you are off all your medication and you can lead a life that is physically, mentally and spiritually more empowering to create something wonderful of your life.

Homeopathy understand that your unique, different and your need to be complete, we know you are not just your brain, legs, heart or just bunch of organ but you are one complete unique person when in state of complete health can serve the highest purpose of existence.

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