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It’s too dark I cannot breathe my chest every time gets tighter and can feel the blood flowing in my Vein I can feel my body being caged i am clasped with the bars of the cage and its taking away every ounce of my soul, Sitting right in front of me a 24yrs old young man describes his daily experience of living with this kind of agony. This young man has been suffering from panic disorder with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, with the following experience he comes to seek help from me, how do we help him. We need to Understand PTSD better - Post Traumatic Stress disorder is a known Psychiatric condition following any traumatic event or disaster in life, earlier days it was more common with war veterans who experience a lot of trauma at the war front, or someone in an abusive environment.

Recent Studies have found out the increased incidence of the post traumatic disorder world wide, the recent pandemic had let to a lot of loss of life, livelihood and impacting a life of many millions across the world. The idea is any traumatic event leaves an impact that slightest smell , music or color can trigger the event memory and lead the patient either into anxiety or panic or into a depression. A careful observation, listening and then analysing the unique imprints of the traumatic event on the client helps homoeopathy doctor to treat the condition. As a homoeopath - its very essential for me to understand that which is completely illogical, that goes beyond the logic of the ego, we understand the personality and experience of the human and not just the diagnosis. Being a therapist I can use various modalities to understand the impact on deeper subconscious mind of the person what was it that made the ego to shatter so badly

Coming from a traumatic childhood - this young man had a wounded childhood , being a son to single mother and abandoned by his very own father, confused in his body about who he is and what he needs to do, This young man at his prime youth with excellence in his fields is sitting in front of me like a scared child - navigating his life without his father who could direct him to the right and wrong, Without revealing a lot details about this person - I took help of some metaphors and this man was made to experience his experience on his body , and its amazing to witness how body and mind communicate with each other if we allow to , after a couple of session we knew what was the remedy that was needed and some daily exercises on regular basis was prescribed. Being a homoeopath gives me advantage to heal those invisible wounds that were not seen by anyone , and delete a whole neuro pathway he created since his childhood. His journey was not an easy one, he went up and down hill many times. Like I always say - A healing journey is your commitment with yourself I am here to Facilitate it hold you whenever needed, sometimes with intervention of medicine sometimes with therapies, you are the one who takes the leap or the jump and discovers a whole new self , After rigorous therapy session this person comes and tell me " Dr. I have broken the cages and iron rods that was clasping my ego and my soul, I was able to free myself and now I am soaring high, A person who was unable to navigate his life on his own is now ready to take new challenges in his life and starts his own business, not that he never falls, he does have his failure and lows but he gets up with even more strength.

Dear Readers , Its a long painful Journey to heal PTSD but a dedicated effort with an expert can help you find your flight and allow you to break the clutches of your past traumatic Experiences.


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