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Your healing journey, the ease and freedom experience at the end of treatment is what we are passionate about.
But this Journey is incomplete without your effort , Let’s start this journey with few steps together.



    Journey to pain free and life of well being begins with KNOWING YOU.

The art of the case taking practice is most scientific method where we understand every little bit of your chief complain , the homoeopath in this process tries to scan you and your complaints right from the beginning of the complaints, stresses and conflicts that you were unaware of.

Case taking is the GPS of which tells us the route of your treatment. Once we are able to understand you completely and deeply , the journey towards ease begins.

You will be asked various question by your homoeopath the whole process will be confidential and the soul purpose is to understand you in better way, most of the time some question will be repetitive thats because we want to get to the core of your problem.

What we would like to know: 

  1. Chief Complain - what kind of pain you experience , what increase or relieves it , what was the cause any physical or emotional challenges you had prior to your illness, past medical history and family history and medical history.

  2. Your Sensitivity, days of stress, what makes you happy , sad , emotional, what in society are you sensitive about, interest hobbies, dream,anger, fear and anxieties. everything that can describe you the best.

  3. Your food preference, climatic preferences, addiction, sleep patterns, digestion and urinary pattern, for females - menarche, menopause symptoms, symptoms and emotions before during and after menses , changes in pregnancy or post pregnancy. In case of child - birth history and mother’s history in pregnancy.


STEP2:Journey During Treatment :

So as Described before cure is a journey so the treatment doesn't end in a day or an hour, the 2nd most important part of the treatment is your follow ups. Where You will be reporting your progress to your homoeopath in various aspect of your life.

Your reaction to different situations post the treatment, new patterns , the intensity of the emotions felt before, dreams, Intensity and frequency  of your physical symptoms , your general well being with respect to your appetite , sleep pattern, any old symptoms coming back, discharges for females your cycles would be important markers. Remember we are not treating your part or organ so besides your medical reports we want to see improvement in different areas.

In many cases we have seen people first find changes in their general health , emotions and then their physical situation. You will start to discover a new you which is more at ease and confident.

When you face any acute conditions like fever, diarrhoea, seasonal cold coryza or any acute emotional disturbance or trauma report it to your homoeopath it will help you fight these situation and make you more stronger. Less the need of modern medicine it will hasten your cure.


Depending on your illness , doctors will advise you on dietary and other exercise therapies for better health.

We plan to incorporate other therapies like diet and psychological counselling , physiotherapy, massage therapy other alternative emotional healing therapies, Meditation.

These therapies will help to complement your  homeopathic treatment.

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